Measuring the Spin Exit

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This drill is designed to help you measure your movement as you step out of a chaines turn. Before practicing this drill, make sure that your chaines mechanics are solid. If you want to get some extra practice on your basic chaines first, look at the basic chaines drill.

The Drill: Without a partner, you are going to do chaines turns down the floor at an angle. Start with your weight on your right foot. Step down the floor at approximately a 45° angle with your left, then close your right as you spin to your left. Step out with your left again, continuing the angle, but slowly settle into the left as you draw in your right foot. The timing for this movement is 1&2 hold 3, hold 4. Now your right foot is free, so you can repeat the sequence stepping at a 45° angle to the right starting with your right foot and turning to the right.

The focus of this drill should be on filling the space during the 3 and 4 in a controlled and measured way. You can slowly gather your feet, stop the turn slightly under-rotated and let your center finish the rotation slowly during 3, 4, and use your arms and head to continue the movement as you settle through the held counts.

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