Musicality Resources

Musicality & Timing in West Coast Swing can be tricky. Some people struggle finding the beat while others struggle with matching their patterns to the accents in the music. On this page we will give you help no matter what your level!

Finding the Beat

The first thing we need it to be able to count the music. This video and article will help you find the beat in WCS music!

Better Timing

If finding the beat is step 1, step to is learning how to stay on time with your patterns. Often times dancers struggle to keep their patterns on time when the music is on. These resources will help tackle that problem!

Musicality for Leaders

Musicality for leaders and followers can be different. For leaders pattern choices are a bit part of connection your movement to the music. In this article we give you a basic plan.

Musicality for followers

Musicality for followers is a bit different than for leaders. Because the follower does not chose the patterns, she needs to be musical within the patterns. Here is some help with that. Also we’ve included a styling checklist for help in WHAT to do when you accent the music.

Finding Practice Music

Finding some good tunes to dance to is always tricky. While there is an unlimited about of music you can dance WCS to, some people just want to know where to start.

Ultimate Guide to Musicality for WCS

Want everything you need to master WCS musicality in one place? Our ‘ultimate guide’ has 14 videos, 6 pdf downloads and a one hour live class video to help you master west coast swing!

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