real men dance west coast swing

Real men dance west coast swing

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Real men dance West Coast Swing

A real male West Coast Swing Dancer
    1. This guy taught Chuck Norris Martial arts!
    2. When this WCS dancer drives a car off the lot, it increases in value!
    3. Superman has a real WCS male dancer logo on it.
    4. The dark is afraid of a real WCS dancer.
    5. Once won a Champions J&J, but was disqualified for dancing with 5 girls at once.
    6. A real WCS dancer never wears a watch, cause time is always on his side.
    7. When opportunity knocks and a real WCS dancer is not home? Opportunity waits!
    8. He once had an awkward moment, just to see how it felt.
    9. Batman watches movies about this guy.
    10. Freemasons strive to learn his secrets.

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