Beginner Resources

Are you new to West Coast Swing? If so this is the place for you. We’ve compiled a bunch of our best resources to help you get comfortable with your dancing quickly and frustration free. Enjoy!

Beginner Patterns

First things first. You need your beginner patterns. Learn them here!

Remember your patterns

One of the biggest complaints we get is “how to remember patterns.” We’ve created a great resource to help you out!

Stay on time

Staying on time while dancing west coast swing cane be frustrating as a beginner. In these 2 great resources we give you some helpful tips.

Don’t get frustrated – Tips for new daners

Sometimes as a beginner we get frustrated. You are not alone. In these helpful resources we try to tackle some of the common frustrations of new dancers.

Keys to better WCS Social Dancing

Want to improve your WCS? We have identified 3 helpful hints to improve your social dancing. Want to read about it? Click on the article. Want us to explain the tips in video format? Download the video!

Complete Guide for Beginner WCS Dancers

Not only will we teach you the 15 easy patterns you must know…You will learn connection, musicality, footwork, styling, wcs etiquette, songs to practice to and more… Everything you need to become a WCS great dancer!

Want our best stuff for FREE?

Every 2 weeks we send out our “WCS Move of the Week” videos. Over 10,000 wcs dancers around the world get these videos! Some weeks its a pattern, some weeks it a tip, but it’s always AWESOME stuff! Click the link below and get your first video. I pinky swear you’ll love what we send 😉 -Brian B

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