what is west coast swing

What is West Coast Swing?

West Coast Swing Online Beginners

What is west coast swing? West Coast Swing is a popular form of swing dancing that has spread across the world. Part of the appeal of WCS is that it is an adaptable dance; it can be danced to a variety of musical styles and genres! In addition, the dance itself creates room for improvisation and interaction between the partners. Combine these elements with the ethos of a street dance—most west coast dancers resist the urge to formalize the dance into a ballroom-like curriculum—and it’s easy to see why west coast can be so hard to define but so easy to love!

Get to know a little more about what West Coast Swing is below.

Characteristics of West Coast Swing:

  • WCS is a lead-follow partner dance that emphasizes the conversation between the partners. The leader is responsible for selecting the patterns of the dance, but is encouraged to create opportunities for the follower to shine within the dance. The follower is responsible for carrying out the intention of the leader, but is encouraged to play and interpret within the leader’s overall structure.
  • WCS is generally danced in a linear slot, with the follower moving to either end of the slot and the leader remaining in the center. Although the slot can rotate or travel on occasion, WCS is not a circular or progressive dance.
  • Every pattern in WCS ends in an anchor; the leader and follower are stretched away from each other. This stretch, or elasticity, creates a smooth and relaxed look for the dance. In contrast to other forms of swing, west coast settles into the end of each pattern through the anchor.

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Why do people love West Coast Swing?

One of the greatest parts about west coast swing is that the dance is highly personalized. So what is west coast swing? There is no “one way” to dance WCS, and dancers are encouraged to develop their own style within the basic framework of the dance. Although it is a ‘lead and follow’ partner dance, it allows for a vast amount of freedom, expression and individuality!

What does it look like?

This ‘viral’ video of two high level west coast swing dancers is a great example of what is possible with this style of dance. There is no choreography in this video, just 2 dancers using the music and improvisation to create a fantastic and hopefully inspiring dance. If you want to be inspired to learn this dance… watch this then hop back to our website and get started learning for FREE!

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