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Robaukauskas ‘The Ultimate WCS Linedance’

Mario Robau and Brian Barakauskas combined to create the ultimate West Coast Swing linedance, the Robaukauskas! Its a 64 count 1 wall dance that incorporates the basic leader and followers footwork into a linedance format. It works great to any 32 or 64 count phrased song but the one we suggest on the step sheet is Fire by Tessanne Chin. This track is fast so feel free to use any slower 32 or 64 count phrased music.

Mario and Brian encourage you to use it to practice your footwork and work on your styling and syncopations by creating variations to your dance. All the best in dance, Mario & Brian

We are really excited that you want to learn our practice dance. It is perfect for really drilling both the leaders and followers footwork. The switching back and forth forces your brain to stay OFF of auto pilot and enables you to focus and hence learn faster! Please feel free to play to different music if you like. All that we care about is that your a practicing and getting better. PS you can also check out the dance on youtube as well. All the best, Brian & Mario

Linedancers get the step sheet here> ROBAUKAUSKAS STEP SHEET

Watch the video here

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