Styling Resources

Bored with your dancing? Want to add some style to your west coast swing? Here are some great resources to help you look and feel better on the dance floor

Ladies Styling

For the followers we have compiled a list of things you can to to spice up your west coast swing.

Leaders Styling

If finding the beat is step 1, step to is learning how to stay on time with your patterns. Often times dancers struggle to keep their patterns on time when the music is on. These resources will help tackle that problem!

Arm Styling

Learning what to do with your free arm can be frustrating. Here are some things you can do!

3 Ways to Improve Your Styling

Here are 3 basic things to do to look great with any partner. There is an article on each on our you can download the video where we show you all 3.

Improve your footwork

Ok, I love this video. Its my favorite footwork drill for WCS. Its great for leaders & followers alike!

Ultimate Guide to Ladies Styling

If you are a follower and want an AWESOME step by step guide to better styling… this is it! Ok so we only have a ladies styling course at the moment. (leaders course is coming soon) But… the ladies course has – 18 videos lessons, 6 special styling patterns, 3 PDF downloads and a BONUS — 1 hour live video from one of our styling & footwork workshops!


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